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Last Payout: 510 days ago

Our Investment: $200.00

Payout Ratio: 575% in profit

User's Rating: 0%

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Min Deposit: $10 ePayCore, $100 Crypto

Online: 995 days

Min Withdrawal: $10

Monitored: 251 days

Script: Undefined

Withdraw: Instant

Hosting: GeniusGuard


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Investment Plans: up to 4% daily for 35 calendar days
Lucrative-Shares status at this moment is NOT PAYING

Lucrative-Shares Program Description

The traditional financial systems include too many hindrances, whereas the native crypto solutions typically lack necessary KYC and AML measurements. LUCRATIVE LIMITED strikes a delicate balance between DTL-empowered cross-border payment and the rigorousness and accountability of any large-scale transaction system.
We build atop Ripple Liquidity Hub that has inherent support for digital assets from global crypto markets. In addition, our platform is intentionally built to be EVM-compatible, allowing the merge between legacy systems with the smart contracts incorporating decentralized finance business logic on the blockchains, in particular, Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Our platform is a completely emerging platform that is always improving and updating its services. By investing in LUCRATIVE LIMITED, in addition to owning a part of our token, you can also benefit from daily, weekly and monthly profits.

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