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Last Payout: 182 days ago

Our Investment: $180.00

Payout Ratio: 111% in profit

User's Rating: 0%

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Payment systems:

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Min Deposit: $20

Online: 21 days

Min Withdrawal: $10

Monitored: 19 days

Script: Undefined

Withdraw: Manual

Hosting: DDOS-Guard


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Investment Plans: get an 8% profit daily within 18 business days
ONIX status at this moment is NOT PAYING

ONIX Program Description

Highly profitable platform earning on the trading of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. We have developed our investment plan with the number 8 at its core. Eight and eighteen are like a single complete number, an absolutely perfect R.O.I balance. The 8/18 principle ensures the fastest return on investment with the least risk. A daily income of 8% for 18 working days is an uncompromising approach to the stability and efficiency of a financial instrument.

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