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Last Payout: 510 days ago

Our Investment: $300.00

Payout Ratio: 393% in profit

User's Rating: 0%

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Min Deposit: $50

Online: 324 days

Min Withdrawal: $10

Monitored: 249 days

Script: Undefined

Withdraw: Manual

Hosting: Ddos - Guard Ecuador


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Investment Plans: 0.65% - 0.95% daily until reaching 200%
Asterium status at this moment is NOT PAYING

Asterium Program Description

Australian ASTERIUM PTY LTD company has found a reliable way to place investments with then profit making. We accumulate investors' money on the website and then transfer the money to exchange services using these funds as a reserve fund. At that moment when the exchanger lacked own funds to perform operations, hit the ground runs the money of our investors. Thanks to this interaction, the exchange service does not lose its customers and makes a profit, just like our investors and Asterium.
The profit received as a result of accumulating, distributing and using money in exchange transactions are received by three parties of this process: investors, exchangers and our company

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