Log Monitor — FAQ
Frequently Asked Question(s)

To receive ref back you need to register to the project by clicking on our monitor link (before registering, clear your cache and cookies if you have visited this project via other links).
Then you need to contribute to the project. Then you need to use the form on the main page of our monitor, click on the "Request RCB" link in the project form and fill it out. Payments are made within 48 hours, but actually much sooner.

If the activation code did not arrive at your e-mail address, check your spam folder. If the email is not there, please contact the technical support chat on the monitor's home page or send an email to support@logmonitor.com

To ensure the security of your account, it is not possible to manually change your email in your personal account. To change your email, we recommend contacting the website's technical support team via the chat on the homepage or by sending an email to support@log-monitor.com.

The main difference between the lists is the amount of effort and time spent by the monitor administration to promote the project.

Use the search engine in the top right corner of the home page to quickly find your project. Type the project name in the box and the system will instantly find it and display the information on your computer screen.

To recover your personal account password, click 'Forgot your password? Then enter your email where an email will be sent with instructions on how to recover your password.

The Monitor's administration puts the investor's interest above all else, so the possibility of bringing a dubious investment project to us for monitoring is excluded. But first of all, we advise you to evaluate the project and make a final decision on the investment of its funds.

To avoid one-day projects, pay attention to the quality of the site, the duration of the project on the market, read feedback from users from different sources. And remember: Do not invest in HYIPs what you cannot afford to lose!

To order a Refback you need to register by clicking on our affiliate link. Go to the desired project and the projects will show your upline in your personal locker when you register or afterwards. Make sure to check if you are under the correct top row before depositing.